This section contains a link to podcasts linked to the Human Enquiry Project. You can hear all the podcasts of the Human Enquiry Project page on itunes via this link:


Or – you can listen to each one directly by clicking on the links below:

  • Re-imagining education:

Talk on changing the role of education to prevent mental health problems, by changing the role of education.


  • An enquiry with teenagers on the importance of understanding ourselves:

This is a recording of an enquiry with teenagers at Brockwood Park School, on why young people should bother with self-awareness and understanding how their minds work.


  • Public talk on the Human Enquiry Project:

This talk was given on 23.11.17 by Manoj Krishna, in Appleton-le-moors, at the invitation of the artist John Creighton. It covers the origins of the project, the benefits of self-awareness, the core principles of self-enquiry, the common pitfalls, how it can help solve our problems, and also explores, belief, conditioning and relationships. It ends with a discussion on how the sense of sacred can be discovered through this enquiry.


  • The art of emotional intelligence:

This talk explores how self-awareness leads to emotional intelligence which contributes to our health, happiness and our success. It offers practical examples of the benefits of this approach and the pitfalls to avoid.


  • Talk at a Teachers Conference
I spoke at the North-East Teachers Conference 
recently about the benefits of emotional intelligence and how to teach it to children. 

  • Foreword to the book
This is a recording of the first chapter of the audiobook, which is going to be published later this year.