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Write an article for the website, to go into our resources section. This could be related to your experience in education, trying to share this understanding with others, or your own insights.
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We want to work with educators to explore different ways in which this understanding can be shared with others. If you are involved in education and are interested in joining us, please email: info@humanenquiry.com.
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Set up an enquiry group of your own and let us know how that goes. If you would like some support in setting up an enquiry group, please email: info@humanenquiry.com
Many of our own problems and of the world we live in could be resolved by a deeper understanding of ourselves and the way our minds function. If you would like to support the Human Enquiry Project, please consider making a donation using the button below.
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For all other enquiries or to contribute an article to this website, please email: info@humanenquiry.com