Understanding Me Understanding You

By Manoj Krishna

Understanding ourselves and the way our mind works brings intelligence, wisdom, compassion and a sense of inner peace. It also prepares us to meet all of life’s challenges. Understanding ourselves also helps us to understand others and that brings harmony to all our relationships, which is essential if we want to be happy and successful in life.

Unfortunately we do not know how to look within. Throughout our education we are taught about the world around us but not about our inner spaces, and how our minds work.

The book Understanding me, Understanding You, provides an easy framework in which everyone can begin their own journey of self-enquiry, ask questions and discover for themselves the richness of understanding that can transform our lives for the better. If we can find our own sense of peace within us, it can contribute to a more peaceful world.

The aim of the book is to explore the many hidden ways in which our mind works in the background, from behind the screen of our awareness, directing our thoughts and actions. It does that over 26 chapters exploring inner landscapes that are common to all human beings: like the art of listening, the mechanism of comparison, our conditioning, the nature of fear and desire and how they influence our behaviour, our many psychological needs and how they affect our relationships, the human struggle to find love, our many beliefs which bring us comfort but also divide us, our loneliness, our habits which can become addictions, our images of ourselves and how we try to defend them, our sorrow which blocks out the sun from our lives, and so on.

This inner landscape is common to all human beings and so we can explore it together, not according to the author or some particular philosophy, but just observing the fact of how our minds work.

As part of this exploration we can then begin to ask questions which we never knew we could ask. Questions like: ‘Do we live with intelligence, or just respond to our past influences’, or ‘Can we find harmony is all our relationships’, or ‘Can loneliness be dissolved’, or ‘Why do we have so many hidden psychological needs and can we take responsibility for them’, or ‘How can we find love in our lives’, or ‘Why do we want more and more and are never satisfied’, and so on.

The book is part of the Human Enquiry Project, which aims to encourage to begin their own journey of self-enquiry and create a space where this understanding can be shared. It also aims to introduce self-enquiry into education, so young people can study not only the world around them, but also their inner spaces and understand how their minds work. That will prepare them well for the challenges of life ahead.

About the Author

Manoj Krishna trained as a doctor in Pune, India before coming to the UK to pursue a career as a spine surgeon. He left that career to write this book and launch the Human Enquiry Project. He lives in Yorkshire, England.

He has had a deep interest in understanding how the human mind functions all through his life. He has facilitated dialogue groups where people would gather to enquire into the mind we all share. He feels passionately that we all need to be educated not only to understand the world around us, but also our inner spaces and how our minds work, and has worked with young people to explore this with them.